Ranger Shelving



Durocher Auto Group is now an authorized distributor of  Ranger Shelving Products

Ranger offers shelving for van and service vehicles, bin units, bulkheads, ladder and cargo racks.
Made from highly durable and lightweight aluminum these shelves weigh nearly half  that of steel shelving units. Ranger shelves are innovative and custom built for almost all service vehicles including the Dodge Sprinter, Ford Transit, Ford E-Series, GM Savana Express, and Box Trucks. With these shelves you'll be able to conserve your already limited space and enable you to maintain maneuverability within your vehicle. Ranger Shelves can be essential for keeping your on the road business neatly organized, saving you time and money.

Vehicle Storage Packages Available For:

 Ram Promaster
 Dodge Sprinter 
 GMC Savana/Express 
 Ford E-Series 
 Nissan NV 
 Ford Transit Connect 
 Dodge Caravan 

Available Shelving Packages:

                        Partitions                                  Drawer Systems                                  Shelving 

                        Bin Shelving                                Ladder Racks                                         Fold-Up Shelving